Lake Keowee Marinas

Lake Keowee is known for its 300 miles of pristine shoreline on 18,500 acres and located in one of the most perfect climates in the United States for year-round, lakeside living.  From serene shores and sandy beaches to its private, quiet coves, there is something for everyone on Lake Keowee.  There are three public full service marinas located on the lake.   They offer everything from fuel to snacks to boat rental.  These marinas are located throughout the lake so you’ll never be far from re-supplying in case you find yourself coming up short.


Oconee County Sheriff’s boating regulations include the following:

  • All watercraft – including non-motorized kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, require an appropriately fitting personal flotation device (PFD) for each person on board, and those longer than 16 feet much have a readily accessible throwable floatation device.

  • Any boat with flammable or combustible materials in an enclosed space must carry a Type B fire extinguisher, and those shorter than 65.5 feet long- including non-motorized- require a “device that produces sufficient sound to announce intentions and positions” on board.

  • Children under the age of 12 must always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket on watercraft shorter than 16 feet long.

  • Skiing/wakeboarding is illegal between sunset an sunrise, and participants must wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.

  • A towing vessel must have an additional person or wide-angle mirror to observe the person(s) being towed.

  • Boat registration information and boater safety class information is available at

  • Fishing licenses are available at

Lake Keowee Marina
Lake Keowee Marinas Map
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