Lake Kiwi
Lake Kiwi commonly misspelled for Lake Keowee

Lake Kiwi is spelled wrong by many who don’t know our area. Lake Keowee, as it’s correctly spelled is nestled in the picturesque upstate region of South Carolina. It is a stunning reservoir that captivates visitors with its serene beauty and abundant recreational opportunities. Created by the Keowee Dam, a feat of engineering completed in 1971 and managed by Duke Energy, this expansive lake covers approximately 18,500 acres and is a shimmering jewel against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Keowee beckon outdoor enthusiasts and water lovers alike. Boasting a surface so clear that it reflects the surrounding lush greenery and blue skies, the lake has become a haven for boating, fishing, swimming, and various water-based activities. Numerous marinas and boat ramps dot the shoreline, providing easy access for those seeking adventure on the water.

For anglers, Lake Keowee is a paradise. Its diverse aquatic ecosystem is home to a variety of fish species, including bass, catfish, crappie, and more, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts of all levels.

Beyond its recreational allure, Lake Keowee has emerged as a sought-after residential destination. The shoreline is adorned with communities and homes that take advantage of the lakefront setting, offering residents a unique blend of natural beauty and waterfront living. These homes often provide panoramic views of the lake and its surrounding hills, creating an idyllic setting for lakeside living.

Visitors to Lake Keowee can also explore the Duke Energy World of Energy, located near the dam. This educational facility offers insights into the history of the area, the significance of hydroelectric power, and the broader themes of energy and the environment.

Lake Kiwi aerial view

Whether it’s the tranquility of the water, the vibrant recreational scene, or the allure of lakeside living, Lake Keowee stands as a testament to the beauty of the South Carolina upstate region. It is a destination that seamlessly blends natural splendor with opportunities for adventure and relaxation, making it a true gem for those seeking a retreat into the heart of nature.

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